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So much is happening that I can’t keep
up.  Charles Dickens stated, “It was the best of times, it was the
worst of times” and that can be said of the Covid-19 period.  I have
never been in so many prayer meetings, church related activities and
international forums in such a short period in my life!!!  All I can
say is that God is at work. He is in control.

at Choose Life International!!

We continue to do counselling which mainly takes
the form of tele-counselling at the moment, using video or phone. We
also began to see clients in office on demand as of June
. So, if someone
needs counselling, they can make an appointment at 876-920-7924 / 876-856-2966.


Grief counselling is not usually a pleasant task,
however God gave us the opportunity to counsel individuals, and
groups/individuals in four (4) organizations, due to death by suicide, illness
and violence.  God has enabled us to comfort those who mourn and many
have thanked us for this intervention. I believe Donovan is especially anointed
in this area. I (Faith) accompanied Donovan to an organization on one of these
occasions, and wondered why I was there, but God brought me there for one
member of staff in particular, who, at the end of the session, was at a place
of rejoicing. Yes, God gives the oil of joy for mourning!


1.     Partnership
with Public Health Literacy (Jamaica), in a free webinar on
July 23, where we were 2 of 3 presenters. Faith Thomas presented on  
   the Psychological Impact of Covid-19 and Dr
Donovan Thomas, on the Social Impact of Covid-19. It was broadcast
in mainly Jamaica and 7 other countries including Germany and India and the
feedback was very good.  

2.     Online
forum with Self-Discovery: Pain, Positioning & Purpose, Inc., where
we shared on the Psychological Impact of Covid-19, and the CEO
was very              
    grateful to us, and wants to do future collaborations. 

3.     Pension
Engagement Webinars
 for retirees in an organization. Went very well 

4.     Presentation to Meadowbrook
High School Staff
 on Coping with Covid-19

5.     Faith
presented to Full Truth Church of God women’s group on the topic: Married
or Single: Living Joyfully
. It went very well. Praise God.

Choose Life International (CLI) Webinars

Our webinars have been going very well and people
have commented on how they have impacted their lives, been informative and an
encouragement to them. Here are some comments that are typical: “A tremendous
blessing…Very inspiring and motivating” (S. Laidlaw). “Excellent engaging
presentations” (R. Reese). To view these, kindly see our website, under Webinars
and TV Shorts or @choose life international or @ Donovan chooselife

Webinars: Building Strong Family Series

In June, Webinars #s19-26 focussed on Building
Strong Families and we had some really awesome presentations.  Faith
Thomas presented on Rekindle the Fire in Your Marriage (PG)

and it was a powerful down to earth presentation
providing guidelines for strengthening marriage.  Rev Dr Gerry and
Sonia Gallimore did an awesome interview on, “Keep the Fire Blazing
in Your Marriage”. 
Both webinars complemented each other and they
are a must see. 

For the single and unmarried we did Single
and Loving It
 with C. Ruth Taylor and Preparing for
 (PG) with Dr Barry Davidson.  Again, both were
powerful presentations. For the Father’s Day weekend, we had “Fathering
During the Pandemic and Beyond” 
with our pastor, Dr David Henry
and Dr Peter Weller, clinical psychologist.  This was followed
by Raising the Next Generation of Effective Fathers which
showcased organizations working with strengthening our men.  Again,
really powerful and practical presentations. Remember to check them out on our

The interview with Eric Hosin, President, Guardian
Life and his wife, Gayon Hosin (Snr Financial Expert, IMF, moderated by
Courtney Campbell, CEO of Victoria Mutual Building Society (VMBS) on Webinar
 Overcoming Challenges, Beating the Odds, is one of my
all time favourites, both professionals who have risen to the top in important
industries, yet humble servants of God, giving praise to God for the successes
that He has allowed them. The month closed off with Webinar #26, Strong
Family, Strong Nation
 with Bishop, the Hon. Conrad Pitkin C.D.,
Custos Rotolorum of St James and Hon. Robert E. Levy, OJ, CD (Chairman, Jamaica
Broilers Foundation) who both spoke passionately about the importance of godly
marriage and family.

Webinars: Resilience Series – Find
these webinars at

In July our Webinars #s27-34 were an awesome
assortment on resilience.  We had Strategies for Facing
Exams in the Midst of Covid-19
 with Mrs. Georgia Waugh-Richards,
Past President, Jamaica Teachers’ Association, Kaysia Kerr, National Parenting
Support Commission and Rev. Dave Hazel, Lecturer, Min. of Religion which
provided excellent tips for our students with or without Covid-19.  Building
Resilience in Tough Times of Life
 with radio counsellor, Dr. Joan
Pinkney and CLI Associate Counsellor, Hopal McClintock was excellent in helping
person cope with turbulence in their lives.

Conquering Your
Mountains: Stories of Resilience 
was an exciting
journey with Dr. Raphael Thomas and his wife, Velda.  It gave us hope
about what God can do when we trust in Him.  People were very blessed
as they listened to the Word of God and to their stories.

Growing Your
Business in Tough Times
 with Omar Azan and Leadership
guru, Alex Ihama. There were great tips from both and people were blessed and
challenged. “Great ideas to help build my practice; thank you gentlemen” – Dr.
Beverly Goldson

These webinars are on our
Facebook page @Choose Life International:

Webinar #31 –
Building Resilience in Your Personal Financial Affairs 
with financial guru
Bruce Scott was invaluable.  This is our longest webinar as the
questions were many and our presenter Bruce Scott provided very useful
information.  God is using this financial wisdom to help many – If
you need financial help, please check it out.  Webinar #32 – Resilience
in Self-Care and Maintaining Peace in Your Life
 with Patricia
Fletcher, held us spellbound as we looked at the options for self-care which
she so ably shared. To God be the glory!

Webinar #33 –  A Journey
of Resilience with Nicholas Johnson, first Princeton Valedictorian and
This was a wonderful webinar with a very accomplished yet
humble family, who also attributed their success and resilience to
God.                               Webinar
#34 –
 Family and Community Resilience with Rev. Dr
Samuel Vassel and his wife, Angela. This was a precious peep into their lives
at 40 years of marriage, which blessed and encouraged us all and gave us lots
of godly example and wisdom. To God be the glory!!!  

AND TOMORROW WEBINARS  (Sunday August 2 and Monday August 3)

We are so excited as we continue to be used by God
to help people live.  Remember to look out for our Emancipendence
Webinars on Sunday (today) at 5pm (Jamaica) with Rev Dr Devon Dick and Yvonne
Coke and Monday at 6pm (Jamaica) with Prof. Verene Shepherd (UWI). Please
see flyer attached.  Zoom ID 516-152-2200 – Password: chooselife


CLI’s TV Show continues.  We have now
done 15 shows in all. The Episode on Getting Past Your Past was especially well
received.  An excerpt on Forgiveness from this episode has over 900
views on Facebook. A number of the episodes have gone over 500 views, and we
have received very positive feedback on how they have been a blessing. 

UP –  September 10 – Annual World Suicide Prevention Day Seminar

In August we will be starting a new TV series that
will focus on Suicide Prevention, as we lead up to our Annual World Suicide
Prevention Day Seminar on September 10.  This year it will be
virtual.  Look out for the posts.

We continue to be a part of what God is
doing.  Please continue to pray for and support us.  God
bless you.


Faith and Donovan Thomas