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Staff Wellness

There are too many people who simply exist, going through the motions of life without peace, fulfillment and purpose. Choose Life International (CLI) exists in order to help people live! CLI is a faith-based organization registered in Jamaica in June 2008. It was founded by Dr. Donovan Thomas and his wife Faith, a Counselling Psychologist.

As part of the organization’s focus, Choose Life International aims to develop wellness and staff support programmes in companies and institutions across Jamaica.

The productive output of a company is very often connected to the emotional wellbeing of staff members.

Choose Life International, through our wellness and staff support programme, seeks to help employees lead more fulfilled and purpose driven lives, primarily through one-on-one intervention with trained professionals. We offer support in:

-Grief from loss -Depression -Conflict issues -Stress Management
-Anger Management -Parental & Family Related Matters -Work Ethics
-Life Style and other Spiritual and Emotional Challenges

Choose Life International exists to help people live abundant lives.
We are committed to holistic development: emotionally, spiritually and socially.

“I did not know how much I needed this. The session with the counsellor has helped me to rearrange my life”.
Company Employee

Yesterday my son said to me, ‘Daddy you are not as miserable again’. I said to him, ‘Call Dr. Thomas and tell him thanks’.
M.W. Company Employee

“I did not understand why I was sent to the counselor. But I am grateful… I left the session having received help and I have seen positive changes in my life.”
S.R. Company Employee

“I look forward to Wednesdays! That’s the day Dr. Thomas comes to my office. By God’s grace, he has been a source of strength and encouragement as I face a family crisis. After my sessions with him, I feel so much better… lighter.”
D. N. Company Employee

“The session with Dr. Thomas was very meaningful. I am now less stressed, less tired and I feel better about my job and myself. Even the relationship with my wife has improved!”
M.W. Company Employee