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Newsletter March – June 5, 2020

Greetings Friends

Look at how God brought Opportunities out of Crisis!!!!!

This is a most exciting period in our lives. We have been thrust forth into the deep and we have to swim!!!  God is amazing and He continues to open doors for us.


Our webinars continue every Sunday evening at 5pm EST and Mondays at 6pm EST. God has been faithful.  We have had participants from 10 nations so far (UK, Canada, USA, Trinidad, Antigua, Guyana, Belize, Cayman, Jamaica and Peru) and presenters from 6 countries (UK, Canada, Cayman, Trinidad, Antigua and Jamaica.  The webinars have been getting very good reviews.  We started with Choosing Happiness in Tough Times: A  Proactive Response to Covid-19 and we are now on to our Marriage Webinars:  Webinar #19 on Sunday June 7 at 5pm: Rekindle the Fire in Your Marriage – Presenter, Faith Thomas and on Monday, Webinar #20 – Keep the Fire Blazing with Rev Gerry Gallimore and Mrs. Sonia Gallimore who have been married for 57 years.

We started to do live recording on Facebook when we reached Webinar #4 and all of these have been on Facebook since then.  They are now on our website:, thanks to our webmaster Chris Martin. Check it out.

The most recent
webinars are also on our Facebook page: chooselifeinternational. You can
check it out and like our page.  Our most successful webinar to date
has been Best Practices for Growing Children, in which
we had Prof. Maureen Samms-Vaughan and Dr. Michael Coombs as presenters. (See
our website, – 1.4K
have watched on Facebook to date.  Praise God. We have done webinars
such as: Every Child Deserves Protection in which
we partnered with Child Protection and Family Agency (CPFSA).  We
also did a collaboration with Honey Bun Foundation when we hosted Webinar #5: Proactive Parenting, A Priority for These TimesWe
had three sets of presenters: Mrs Sally-Ann Gray, Mr Alex Ihama from Canada and
Dr Donovan Thomas and Mrs. Faith Thomas. Our host was Mrs Michelle Chong, CEO
Honey Bun Foundation.  Last weekend we interviewed the 2019-2020
Rhodes Scholar, Samuel Bailey and his parents and did a session on preparing to
go back to work: Back to Work and School: Concerns
and Conditions
 with Ms Nadine Malloy and Dr Kevin
Goulbourne. We also did Creating Wealth God’s Way with
Dr  Henley Morgan, domestic violence: Disentangling Domestic Abuse with Ms.
Karen Carberry from the UK and Ms Marjorie Shaw.  We even did
nutrition: Boost Your Immune System with Diet
and Herbs
, and many others directly related to Covid-19
(please see our website  It’s
been a very busy and exciting period.  


All the above webinars
have been free, however, God has made a way for organizations to contract us to
host webinars for their staff.  We have done Choosing
Happiness in Tough Times: A  Proactive Response to Covid-19; Helping
Teams Cope with Covid-19 and the most recent, The Psychological Impact of
Covid-19 on Workers 
 which also explores resilience and going
back to work.  


We are having the time
of our lives. If the webinars were not enough, God opened the door for us to host a television program: GEARED TO LIVE which
airs live on
on Thursdays at 6:30pm EST.  We are going through the book, GEARED
TO LIVE: 12 Keys to Happiness
, of which we are executive editors.  We
have done 7 episodes of the 13 so far.  We have received many
favourable comments: “Really, really awesome. I made notes that I’ll share.
(KP)” “Very informative.” (CM, BW). I “liked the set” and the “table talk
style”. (KP) A number of persons reached out to us after the episode on, “Getting Past Your Past”  One young
lady forgave her mother and grandmother for abusing her. Praise God. It has
been a journey.  Many really liked the episode on Expressing Gratitude, and the different
episodes are really transformational. One man called about the episode on Reject Negativism and wanted to know how
to get a copy. You can see past episodes on Facebook:
Donovan choose life Thomas.  God is good.  We are looking
for persons who would help to sponsor the television programme, so if that is
you, kindly call us at the numbers below or email us.


God has given us the
opportunity to counsel with groups both locally and overseas, as they have
dealt with the death of loved one.  Please pray that the God of all
comfort would continue to minister to them. Look out for an upcoming Grief Webinar
in the  New York area.


We praise God for the
success of Nicholas Johnson, who is the first black valedictorian at
Princeton.  His mother, Dr Anita Brown-Johnson is my (Faith’s) High
School best friend, and she and her husband Dr Dexter Johnson have been
supporters of Choose Life International.  Dr Anita Brown-Johnson was
also one of our presenters at our last World Suicide Prevention Day Seminar
(WSPD) in September 2019. God be praised for this success.

We continue to praise
God for how He has been leading Choose Life International.  Please
continue to pray for us as we seek God’s guidance going
forward.  Thanks again for partnering with us.  May God
continue to bless you.

Remember to look out for the Zoom
webinars on Sundays and Mondays.  

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and Donovan Thomas

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