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About Us

Choose Life International (CLI) exists in order to help people live: physically, emotionally and spiritually!  There are too many people who simply exist, going through the motions of life …without peace, …without fulfillment, …without purpose. We have a God-given vision and passion to help change this.

CLI is a faith-based Non-Governmental Organization. Registered in Jamaica, in June 2008, and was founded by Dr. Donovan Thomas and his wife, Faith.


Our Four Fold Focus – S A M E

  1. Saving lives: Suicide prevention and grief counseling.
  2. Alignment with divine purpose: To help people rise above their past hurts and pains, to forgive and live fulfilled lives.
  3. Missions: To help churches develop structure, strategies and priorities that will empower them to be more proactive in World evangelism, leading and hosting international missions teams.
  4. Evangelism: Emphasis on String Evangelism, using strings to do demonstrations while sharing the Gospel story. This focus targets teens and young adults and is led Donovan and Faith’s sons.