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Seminars and Training

As we seek to help people live, we recognize the need to provide training. This is done primarily through various seminars.

* World Suicide Prevention Day Seminar

Since the inception of CLI, we have hosted an Annual Seminar on World Suicide Prevention Day (September 10) Seminar at the Wyndham Kingston Hotel. This seminar is pitched at the highest level with support from personnel from Ministry of Health, Jamaica.

Presenters have include included:

Consultant Psychiatrists: Dr Anthony Allen, Dr Maureen Irons-Morgan, Dr Judith Leiba-

Thomas and Dr Leverege.

Other presenters have included: Dr Angela Ramlal-Williams, Pediatrician and Therapist, and

Dr Donovan Thomas, Suicidologist,

Guest Speakers have included: Dr. Campbell-Forrester, then Chief Medical Officer of

Jamaica, Mrs. Grace McLean, Chief Education Officer and the current Minister of Health, Jamaica Dr Fenton Ferguson (2012).

Nurses and Doctors have gotten as many as six hours credit for Continuing Medical Education for their participation in a day’s seminar.

Other Seminar Include:

* What a Stress! (3-Hours)

* The Art and Science of Happiness (3-Hours)

* Confronting Suicidal Tendency (3-Hours or 6 Hours)

From time to time we are also invited to design and present on various topics as deemed appropriate by various hosts. Some of the topics have included:

Managing Sexuality, Parenting, Communicating the Gospel to the Next Generation.