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Webinar #73 – Maintaining a healthy perspective – Sun Dec 13

Webinar #70 – A Call to Thanksgiving – McCalla – Mon Nov 30 – 6pm

Webinar #69 – A Call to Thanksgiving – Richards – Sun Nov 29 – 5pm

Webinar 37 – Book Launch Part 1 – Systemic issues in Trans generational Families

Webinar #36 – Understanding the Implications of Independence and Emancipation (Part 2) – A powerful history lesson on our journey to fully emancipation.

GEARED TO LIVE TV Show – Episode #13 – Ensure Positive Interpersonal Relationships Part 1

Webinar #35- Understanding the Implications of Independence and Emancipation (Part 1) – A powerful history lesson on our journey to fully emancipation.

Webinar #34 – Family and Community Resilience
A couple of 40 years shares what it took to survive the test of time and offers advise on resilience in our changing world.

Webinar #33 – A Journey of resilience – Sometimes it seems like and uphill battle. Tips on weathering the storms of life.

Webinar #29 –
Conquering Mountains
in your life. Stories of Resilience.

Webinar #28 –
Building resilience
in tough times of life

Webinar #24 – Monday June 22nd, 6pm. Tips on being a father of fathers of the future.

Webinar #23 – Sunday June 21st, 5pm. Reflections on being a strong and loving father during this difficult times.

Webinar #22 – Monday June 15th, 6pm. Reflections on marriage and techniques to become prepared to embrace marriage.

Webinar #21 – Sunday June 14th, 5pm. A reflection on singleness and the joys associated with being single.

Webinar #20 – Wisdom on strong marriage from a 57yr strong power couple; Rev Dr. Gerry Gallimore and his wife Sonia.

Webinar #19 – Excellent tips in ensuring the fire of your marriage stays burning plus advise as to what to do if the fire is struggling.

Webinar #18 – A review of challenges and steps being taken to return to work and school and ensure continued safety

Webinar #17 – Hear from the current Rhodes Scholar and his parents as they share a journey of empowerment.

Webinar #16 – Panelists share best practices and parental concerns in raising todays youth.

Webinar #15 CLI in partnership with CPFSA reviews child abuse, recognizing it and how to protect our youth.

TV Short #2 – Do you want to be healed? Choose to Forgive. This video looks at what forgiveness is and what it is not. Forgive those who have hurt you. In addition, forgive yourself.

Geared to Live TV Series Introduction : A Challenge to happiness with a review of tools to ensure a more fulfilled life. The TV series intro also gives an overview of the 13 week series.

Webinar #14 – Panelists highlight concerns of children relative to the church and Covid-19.

Webinar #13 – Highlight the challenges and success of boys home and review our role in assisting,

Webinar #12
How do you keep your children happy and balanced ? Tools and tips are shared by our experts.

Webinar #11
Explore methods to assist your family and friends as we all experience the difficulties of being stuck at home for weeks.

Webinar #10 – Hear from our children, understand their pain and explore means to keep them happy and balanced.

Webinar #9 – How do we protect our children from the throes of despair and build hope during these moments.

Webinar #8 – Healthy eating on a budget while ensuring that our immune system remains strong.

Webinar #7 – How to recognize domestic abuse and assist in overcoming the pain.

Webinar #6 – Explore additional biblical methods in money and wealth management

Webinar #5 – How do we proactively parent our children for a more positive outlook?

Webinar #4 – Part1,Part2 – Sound Biblical principles and money management in difficult times.