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Happiness Book for Children
Happiness Book for Children
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Art and Science of Happiness

The Art and Science of Happiness is at present an offering of Choose Life International to tertiary level students.

It has also been used in a shortened format as a staff development session for high school teachers. Our vision is that churches, business organizations etc., will see the potential of ‘The Art and Science of Happiness” for affecting positively the climate of their organization.

This course is designed to help learners to better appreciate themselves and the experiences that help to make them unique; to accept and work through unresolved issues which may make them unhappy; and to enable them to make physical, emotional and spiritual choices that will increase their happiness.


The course ‘The Art and Science of Happiness’ has helped …. to increase my happiness and self-worth….I learnt about the basic concepts of happiness and what makes me happy and how to maintain true happiness.” – C.W.

I really enjoyed this course. By the end I was able to better love myself for who I am.” – E.S.

This has been a life changing experience for me. During these weeks i have been faced with situations that the course has helped me to deal with the right way.” – C.F.

My journey to happiness has started. i found the activities we did very meaningful and relevant to my life. This course has helped to develop me as a person. It has changed my life...” – T.J.

This course has influenced me greatly and I am indeed a better person.” – P.P.


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