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Confronting Suicide – Helping Teens at Risk

Meet the Author – Dr. Donovan Thomas is a graduate of the Jamaica Theological Seminary and received his Doctorate in Ministry from the Columbia Theological Seminary in Atlanta, Georgia. He has conducted extensive research on the subject “Confronting Suicidal Propensity Among Jamaican Teenagers”. He first became involved with suicidal persons in 1986. His work has shown that while a high percentage of Jamaican teenagers show some vulnerability to suicide, intervention from caring individuals, empowered to do so, can make a significant and positive difference in the lives of the hurting children, teens and adults.

From his wealth of experience and training, Dr. Thomas has made presentations on the subject of suicide prevention to churches, schools, the business community, and the public at large, primarily through seminars. He has shared his knowledge in countries such as the USA, Grenada, Barbados, Tanzania, Brazil, Grand Cayman and St. Maarten.

Professionals’ Feedback

“No other book has been written on teenage suicide in Jamaica … with as much caring concern as this one by Donovan Thomas. People-helpers, and care-givers, anxious to update their libraries with one readable, yet pertinent book on teenage suicide, will want to add this book, and refer to it frequently.” 

— Dr. Barry Davidson
CEO Family Life Ministries, Kingston, Jamaica.

“This book has something for everyone – for parents, professionals and volunteers – and all those interested in helping young people. This book provides helpful information gathered with scientific rigor, as well as practical approaches, and tips for being effective. Academics seeking information should find it a useful source of knowledge, perhaps touching off further line of inquiry. From the very outset it was clear that the author’s interest was in the practical applications of his work. I congratulate him for his sustained focus in the area of inquiry and for making this a major part of his ministry.” 

— Dr. Janet La Grenade
Consultant Psychiatrist, Senior Lecturer
University of the West Indies, Mona, Kingston, Jamaica.

“Having dedicate dover 30 years of my life to equipping people for ministry in Jamaica, i celebrate the publishing of Donovan Thomas’ book. It fills a gap in Caribbean family studies. He is a pioneer in researching Jamaican teens. A warm, caring heart for teens motivates Dr. Thomas’s research. This book provides a wealth of information for parents and people working with teens. More than the giving of facts and figures, the book provides practical suggestions for the family, school, church, community and the nation. The information will help those who care to address the tragic problem teens attempting suicide. Dr Thomas’s book renews our hope that we can reduce the incidence of teen suicide in the Caribbean.” 

— Dr. David E. Carlson
Senior Lecturer in Counselling Psychology
Caribbean Graduate School of Theology and Trinity School and Divinity