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Update on our amazing God-Sent Mission to Belize

Dear Partner/Friend
Greetings from Belize.  
Thanks for your continued prayers for us. As we look back on the six days of ministry in Belize  we wish to wish to give glory and honour and praise to God for using us as He did. Below is a quick overview:

1.  Six presentations to High School students on the topic, “Choosing Happiness in Turbulent Times” (Over 1500 students). Several students are cutters, abused, victims of violence etc.  Most of the suicides in Belize are among young people 15-25;  even one as young as 7 years old.  We saw students and even teachers giving their lives to Jesus.

2.  One 2-Day Leadership Conference on the topic, ‘Empowering Leaders for End time Ministry’. We spent these two days pouring into the leaders of our host church, Trinity Assembly of God. Just under 40 leaders benefited. God showed up in a mighty way as strongholds were broken,  healing and deliverance took place and leadership was anointed for greater ministry.

3.  On Sunday we preached in 2 Churches.  In both services God blessed as persons came  forward for salvation, commitment to greater service in the Kingdom and prayer for freedom from suicidal thoughts.

4. We engaged in 2 one-to-one counselling sessions.  

5.  Last night we had a “Choose Life International Information Sharing  session”.  We now have a group of people who are committed to pray and work toward the establishment of CLI-Belize.  Another exciting thing that happened in this service is that one young lady who did not know Jesus as her Lord and Saviour surrendered her life to Jesus! Hallelujah!!!

Thanks again for your prayers and practical support in every way.
Today we are due to return to Jamaica, leaving Belize at 1:22pm. Please pray:
1. For safely and  protection as we travel
2. That we will have no delays leaving  Belize 
3. For quick passage through Miami airport, immigration and customs, so that we will be on time for our connection to Jamaica tonight.
4. That we will have NO exposure to the Coronavirus.
5. For quick and smooth passage through airport in Jamaica!.

Thanks again for standing with us in helping people choose life!


Faith and Donovan